Images of Bollywood party in 60s-70s Go Viral; Netizens say “Industry is filled with perverts”

A Twitter user shared an old photo from the 60s that shows how uncultured and unethical people in Bollywood were even back then.

Bollywood party in the 60s-70s

Bollywood, like any other industry, has its dark and ugly secrets that are frequently swept under the rug. It could be drugs, nepotism, sex, or the mafia; the Hindi film industry is notorious for all of its vices. These things have not been discovered recently; they have been going on for decades.


Highlighting the dark side of Bollywood, a Twitter user has come up with an old photo from the 60s that shows how even in the old days people in Bollywood were uncultured and unethical.

The picture allegedly shows Sanjay, O. P. Ralhan, and Raj Kapoor with a Russian Stripper at J. Om Prakash’s party. “A Bollywood party thrown by Hritik’s grandpa. We know how sanskari Bollywood was in 60s-70s. Imagine what they must be doing now. Bollywood is filled with perverts like these, the Tweet reads.

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