Maha Worry For Bengaluru: Maharashtra Returnees A Big Concern For Officials In The City

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Courtesy: Deccan Herald

A major reason for the recent spike of COVID-19 numbers in the state has been due to the influx of returnees from different states. Among all the states, those who have come from Maharashtra are causing the most concern to the authorities. While in different districts, the test results of Maharashtra returnees are coming out positive, the BBMP officials are now waiting for the results in Bengaluru.

Maharashtra returnees quarantined in the city

BBMP has decided not to share the exact number of people who have returned to the city from the neighboring state. However, all the returnees have been placed in quarantine centers and as per an official, “many” have undergone swab tests and the reports are being awaited.


However, there is a concern about the backlogs of tests in the city. It is expected that around 10000 tests are pending across labs in Bengaluru.

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No concern if they are tested positive

Authorities in state government have stated that it will not be a concern even if the returnees from the highly-affected state are tested positive. This is because, all of them have been isolated, and since they are not able to roam around, there is no possibility of community transmission.

Till now, BBMP has announced that only one of the returnees from Maharashtra has tested positive for COVID-19 in Bengaluru. However, it needs to be noted that only 145 samples of the returnees were tested on Wednesday.


Source: Bangalore Mirror