Lack Of Transparency, PM Cares Funds Runs Itself into Controversy

PM Modi (1)
Courtesy: Siasat Daily

The ‘PM Cares’ Funds set up by the central government seeking donations from the public in order to combat the coronavirus controversy has now run itself into controversy. The accusation is of lack of transparency and the lack of justification for the new fund while the PMNRF has 3,800 crores.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been heavily criticized for creating a relief fund exclusively for the novel coronavirus outbreak even as over 3,800 crores was lying in the Prime Minister National Relief Fund. The Central government has asked for donations to the new fund and many millionaires have already donated to the fund.


Congress Accuses of Lack of Transparency

The ‘PM Cares’ Fund is expected to provide relief to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic that has affected over 6,000 people in the country and thousands of others have been economically hit with the loss of jobs and lack of food. The fund is also expected to help them.

Shashi Tharoor
Courtesy: New Indian Express

The Indian National Congress came down heavily and accused the government of the lack of transparency questioning the need for creating a new fund. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Central government is yet to respond to the accusations.

The aid groups across the country are worried about the funds being diverted away from the grassroots humanitarian efforts. With the government asking companies to donate the CSR funds to the PM Cares fund, nonprofit organizations are worried about having no funds in the years to come. In a letter to the companies, the government had appealed to donate the CSR funds to PM Cares. In less than two weeks, private companies have pledged over 22,000 crores for the fund.


The doctors’ association protested against the hospitals’ move of donating a day’s salary of the staff to the PM Cares fund. The doctors’ association accused that the donations should be voluntary and also pointed out that it is more important to buy health gear.

The PM Cares fund is chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other board members that include defense, finance, and home ministers. Although corporations and individuals are donating in large numbers, the government is also encouraging small donations.