After Rahul Gandhi, Now Shashi Tharoor Lauds Pakistan’s Efforts To Contain COVID


Senior Congress leader and member of parliament from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor recently remarked that India looks at Pakistan with envy. He was speaking at a Pakistani platform.

While speaking on the novel coronavirus pandemic, Shashi Tharoor said that the Indian situation is not “that good” and went onto say that India looks at Pakistan “with envy”. He said,


“Obviously not good. We look with envy across the border because you chaps seem to be having a pleasant time of it, in terms of being able to return to normalcy. We are facing many places where the numbers are going up. So there is no sense yet of a peak having been reached and in some parts, including both the capital Delhi where I am and my constituency Thiruvananthapuram, the number is worse than they ever been.”

Shashi Tharoor criticizes PM

Congress Attacks Center

This statement comes days after Rahul Gandhi remarked that Pakistan and Afghanistan are doing well in COVID as compared to India. Shashi Tharoor also targeted the BJP government at the center and said,

“It is paradoxical that government in India is not doing well and people realize that the government is not doing well in terms of managing COVID-19 but the polls suggest that it is not hurt them politically as it should. So we in the opposition do point out that.”

Tharoor also called the government complacent for the spread of COVID-19 by referencing the Namaste Trump event when President Trump had come down to India. He said,

“Whereas the government was not only complacent, the following month, they invited President Trump for a grand reception in Ahmedabad and brought him to Delhi and made a huge fuss about him with lots of crowd lining the streets. All the stuff you are not supposed to do if you want to contain the contagion and yet curiously the polls show Modi still riding very high.”


Source: Free Press Journal