Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy Planning To Restart ‘Grama Vastavya’ To Woo Back Voters

grama vyavasta

The Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is planning to re-start “Grama Vastavya” which was a highly popular village stay program introduced by the CM himself. Kumaraswamy might introduce it yet again by making some changes to woo back voters.

Reinventing Grama Vastavya For Attracting Voters

After the huge loss of his party in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, the JD (S) and its members are trying to find out avenues that can change the perception of the public. They are looking out for options to attract the support of the locals in favor of the current coalition government in the state.


It should be noted that the Grama Vastavya program by Kumaraswamy was one of the major reasons for his popularity in the region of North Karnataka. It is the region where the CM’s party JDS lack any pull. Last year the program was closed down because the doctors shot down his proposal of staying in the village due to health reasons.

But now Kumaraswamy is more determined than ever to work it out. Post the drubbing that both JDS and its alliance party Congress received in Karnataka, both the parties are trying relentlessly to come up with a strategy that can generate a favorable atmosphere for the coalition government in the state.

CM Confirmed About Restarting Grama  Vastavya

The Chief Minister is yet to come up with a proper plan for this program but he recently confirmed to the media persons about restarting the Grama Vastavya program very soon. In 2006-2007, when Kumaraswamy was the CM of Karnataka, he gained popularity and appreciation for staying and visiting remote villages. The program allowed him to directly interact with the common people and understand their issues.


According to a statement released from the CM’s office, “The Chief Minister will restart his Grama Vastavya program but we are yet to work up the details. An official statement will be released soon after a schedule is drawn.” Reports indicate that Kumaraswamy will restart the program before July when the assembly will be convened for the monsoon session.

Close sources to the CM has said that Kumaraswamy wants to change the perception of the people that he is inaccessible to people and is only available to JDS party men through restarting the program. Even the leaders of the JDS has complained quite often in the past that Kumaraswamy chooses to work from a five-star hotel whereas they were denied even an entry to meet him.

The CM thinks that by restarting Grama Vastavya program he will be able to reconnect with his party members and the coalition partners. Now it all depends on the party head H D Devegowda who had earlier rejected this proposition.