Andhra CM Launches New System To Ensure Doorstep Delivery Of Basic Facilities To Its People

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on his first Independence Day speech, launched a new practice to ensure doorstep delivery of basic facilities. Reddy launched his government’s agenda “Village Volunteers System” for taking governance to people’s door-steps by including over 2.8 lakh volunteers.

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s door to door service scheme

Village secretariats (up to 2.8 lakh members) will be launched from October 2nd. This scheme will help build a bridge between government and people. The volunteers will go door to door, ask people about their problems, their needs, and instruct them with the plans provided by the government to them.


The Chief Minister said the idea behind implementing the scheme is to build confidence among the people and to assure basic facilities at their doorsteps within 73 hours. A toll-free phone number ‘1902’ will be set up in the Chief Ministers’ Office to discuss the complaints of the people.

The CM said, “People can call 1092 and file any objection. The call center will be at the Chief Minister’s Office. An inquiry would be launched into the complaint for redressal within 72 hours. I hope none of the volunteers, whom I pinned a lot of hope on, would be the reason for the complaints.”

Other schemes

‘Rythu Bharosa’ is also one of Reddy’s project which will kick start on the 15th of October. According to this scheme, each and every farmer will be provided with free electricity and each one (farmer) will get an amount of Rs 12,500 for the coming 4 years.


The Chief Minister also revealed the ‘Amma Vodi’ scheme where every mother will get an amount of Rs 15,000 per year to educate their children. This project will begin from January 26 next year.

“If possible, we will also begin delivering 10,000 yearly assistance stated to auto and cab drivers from September. We will also give economic support, as promised, to handloom community and Nayi Brahmins and Rajakas. This year, we will begin the implementation of about 80 percent of our declaration. The remaining will be done in the next year,” he said.