KSRTC to reopen 23 Platforms and integrate BMTC, Metro, KSRTC and Railways

bengaluru metro stations

It’s been six years, 23 platforms of Majestic bus station were closed for Metro work and now the Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation (KSRTC) has decided to reopen the closed platforms and resume the services. These platforms are a part of KSRTC main Terminal building and hundreds of buses were operational from here until August 2011. It so happened that KSRTC had to shift its operations post the platforms’ closure to various stations like Shanthi Nagar and Mysore Road Satellite. However, operations via Hasan Road and Tumkur Road were retained at Majestic.

Referring to Bangalore Mirror’s report on the topic, A KSRTC official told, “These platforms have been operational for decades. KSRTC had to stop the operations considering BMRCL’s construction work. We foresaw heavy construction activities in the area and so we decided to abort the operations and closed 23 platforms. “


He continued and said, “ Now, KSRTC has decided to reopen these 23 platforms as BMRCL has returned the 12-odd acres out of 20 acres allotted for the construction of Metro. We are working to renovate these 23 platforms and the tender is likely to be completed in a month’s time. Thereafter, the platforms will be open for the public say in next 6-7 months. “ He has also mentioned that BMRCL has been paying a rent of Rs.5 crore for using KSRTC land.

BMRCL is returning the land allotted

BMRCL was allotted 20-odd acres of land for the construction of metro out of which eight acres were used by BMRCL to build a Metro station. It is said that BMRCL is returning the remaining land in stages according to the completion of pending metro work. In this context, KSRTC has decided to renovate the platforms. The budget estimated for this is close to Rs. 1.7 crore.


There is a plan to integrate BMTC, KSRTC, Metro, and Railways

As per the reports, from last June, the construction work at Majestic Intersection Metro station has been fully operational. It is said that the BMRCL has spent Rs. 500 crore to build the metro station and the underground station that crosswalk Nagasandra to Yelachenahalli and Mysore Road to Yelachanehalli line. As the main transport hubs of the city are not yet integrated, commuters have to walk a mile to access an entry to these stations.


However, the good news is that the concerned authority is planning to integrate the BMTC, KSRTC, Metro, and Railways. There is also a plan to build a transit center to create an easy access to these various modes of transport in the city.

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