“KGF Is A Brand, Not Everyone Is Prashanth Neel In Kannada Industry”: Rakshith Shetty

After delivering a pan-India super hit with ‘KGF Chapter 2’, the Kannada film industry and fans are looking forward to the success of ‘Charlie 777’ all across India. Speaking about the Kannada industry’s sustainability, Rakshit Shetty explains why not all films can be like KGF.

Is a success like KGF possible? 

Yet another highly-anticipated pan-India venture from the Kannada film industry after KGF Chapter 2 has arrived to entertain the crowd. After the pan-India success with ‘KGF Chapter 2’, the Kannada film industry and fans are looking forward to the triumph of ‘Charlie 777’ all across India. Rakshit Shetty is known for his experiments in Kannada cinema. This time along with him, a dog is also featured in this film and plays a major role.


The 38 year however believes that not every movie can be like KGF and not every director can be like Prashanth Neel.

Speaking about the upcoming Kannada films and their success just like KGF, Rakshit says “If the content is good in upcoming films it is definitely sustainable. At the same time, not everyone is Prashanth Neel in Kannada Industry. Not anybody can make films like KGF. Before KGF, Prashanth tried the film format in Ugramm. In Yash starrer he got better and better. I think Bringing such scale to the film, dreaming so big for the industry, and keeping the audience hooked with the story, is something that shows the talent of the director.”

Reason for making Pan India films

Speaking about the reason why he chose to do a pan India film, 777 charlie actor said, “Not every film can become Pan India. You might want to walk in the path of Prashanth Neel but that is not going to happen to everyone. There has to be a different reason why one wants to do the Pan India film, only then one can succeed.”


“Coming to 777 charlie, it’s not that I made a film and I want to make it a Pan India. We as a team believe there are dog lovers throughout the country and after watching the film they may connect. If they are able to travel with Dharma’s character in the film, people may start loving the dog and may even bring one home.”

Speaking about the film’s success like KGF, Rakshith Shetty believes that it is the story of 777 Charlie that may do well and people will relate to it.

Other than Rakshith Shetty, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait, and Sangeetha Sringeri are also playing major roles. Kiran Raj has directed the movie and Rakshit Shetty has produced the movie under his home banner. Nobin Paul has composed music and background score for the movie.