KCR Suggests PM Modi To Extend Lockdown In The Country For Two More Weeks


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has suggested PM Modi to extend the lockdown in the country for two more weeks. The announcement came at the official press meet of the Chief Minister a few hours ago.

KCR appeals PM Modi to extend lockdown

At the briefing, KCR urged PM Modi to extend the nationwide lockdown beyond the current stipulated date. He said that, while we can recover the economy, it is impossible to bring back the lives that are lost due to the Coronavirus. 


He further added that ‘lockdown’ is the only weapon in their hands and they are forced to make use of it. He reminded Mr. Modi that India is not above the UK and at this moment, no thought should be given about the faltering economy.

KCR suggested that while initially, the lockdown can be extended for a couple of weeks, based on the scenario then, a corresponding call could be taken regarding further decisions.

Also, KCR utilized the opportunity to thank all the medical sector professionals and police officials for their effective work during the lockdown. 


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KCR urged Modi to extend the lockdown Telangana

Status of COVID-19 in Telangana

KCR provided the status of the virus in the state. He specified that there are 308 active cases in the state, out of which 172 individuals had traveled to the Nizamuddin event. Further 93 people contracted the virus through these attendees.