Karnataka: Outrage Sparked Over Hindu Saint’s Image Used For Biryani Publicity

 These days the level of advertisements has touched to such extreme points that it has started engaging hatred from people and communities.Recently a Bengaluru hotel had to face heat from hindu groups in the city due to an absurd posters which spread through various social medias for its publicity.

Bengaluru Hotel Advertisement Went Wrong

Niyaaz’, a chain of restaurants in the city is famous for its Biryani. Recently, the restaurant posted a picture on social media where a Hindu saint demands ‘biryani’ from his disciples instead of ‘balidan’ after tasting Niyaaz biryani. The post was captioned as “Our Biryani to all other Biryanis-Aham Brahmasmi (I am divine)”


Following which Hindu organizations including Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal leaders submitted a memorandum to the Police Commissioner and demanded strict action against the hotel management. They claimed that the hotel management had insulted Hindu saints and religious sentiments which was not acceptable.

Hotel under the radar

Now the Hindu organizations have demanded an apology from this famous restaurant in Belagavi for using Hindu saint’s image for Biryani publicity.They have urged strong action against the hotel management. Local BJP leaders gave a call to Hindus to come forward and register their protest.

Actions Taken Post This Incident

Sensing trouble, the police department closed down all hotels of the group and deployed policemen at the hotel premises.Niyaz hotel management later took down the controversial poster and apologised for hurting religious sentiments of the Hindus.


Niyaaz group of hotels is one of the most sought hotels for serving delicious biryani and out of nowhere this incident pouring water over their commercial publicity.They could’ve never imagined that a creative advertisement would attract this much hatred and by now would’ve probably realised that this is India!