Karnataka Home To 2nd Highest UK-Educated Indians After Maharashtra 

UK educated Indians

In India, most of the students look for the United Kingdom to pursue higher education for their career development. A report said that there was a clear rise in the number of students studying in the UK which had doubled in 3 years. The country now is among the fastest-growing origins of foreign students in the UK along with other countries like China, America, and Saudi Arabia. However, on new research, a study says Karnataka hosts the second largest number of UK-educated Indians in the country.

Karnataka stands 2nd for having the UK educated Indians

Indian graduate outcome report released employability outcomes of Indian graduate from UK universities. The report reveals that 62% of Indian students returned home to work after completing their studies in foreign universities. The remaining 38% opted for working overseas, where 16% remained in the UK, 4% went to the US, 4% in UAE, 2% in Australia and the rest elsewhere.


source: airportminoritadvisorycouncil

With the total percent of homecoming report, Maharastra marked the highest place to host 25% of the total UK graduates in the country. Standing at the second place Karnataka hosted 15.4% of graduates followed by Delhi (15.4%), Telangana (10.7%), Tamil Nadu (6.7%), Kerala (4.5%), Gujurat (3.1%), Haryana (2.9%), West Bengal (2.9%), and Uttar Pradesh (2.7%).

source: mystudentvoices

Expert’s review

A survey report from 2-7 years says, amongst 58 UK universities, 16,199 students completed their graduation, out of which 988 students had returned home. Karnataka hosting the second place is not a surprise says an expert. “ This is because many of them originated from Karnataka, although the survey did not ask respondents which state they come from. It could also be because Bengaluru and surrounding regions are IT Hubs; computer science is the third most popular subject for Indian students in the UK, with 13.8% of them working in the field,” said Vivienne Stern a director from Universities UK International.


According to a new rule brought by the UK government, migrant students can now be granted a visa for 2 more years after their post-study. This will result in a huge growth of Indian Student working in the UK in the coming years and it will help them gain some international work experience.