Kantara: Netizens Slam Anupama For Calling ‘Daiva Aradhane’ To Be A Myth

The Kannada film Kantara is receiving rave appreciation from celebrities and critics. The film is all set for its pan-India release on October 14. Now, Anupama Chopra is all set to interview the director and lead actor of Kantara Rishab Shetty. But, netizens are now slamming Anupama after she calls Kantara a myth.

Film Companions’ Interview show

Rishab Shetty’s directorial was released in theaters on September 30 clashing with Ponniyin Selvan I and has driven to receive a tremendous response from audiences and critics as well. Anupama Chopra who had previously lauded Kantara is all set to welcome Rishab Shetty to the Film Companions Interview show.


In a Tweet, she shared about the interview which is soon going to be released on the Youtube Channel. “With the man of the moment – @shetty_rishab! We chatted about his smash hit #Kantara, the art of marrying myth to masala and what he plans to do now – first, he says, he is taking a long holiday! Interview coming soon on @FilmCompanion, she Tweeted.

Twitter Slams Anupama

This tweet however did not go down well with the netizens. Many slammed her for calling ‘Daiva ardhyane’ to be a myth. One Twitter user wrote,””Art of marrying myth to masala” is trivalising the effort of @shetty_rishab. ‘Daiva ardhyane’ is not a myth but very much in practice in the coastal districts of Karnataka. @anupamachopra is not aware of the devotion behind the pratice of invoking spirits as shown in the movie.”

Another one wrote, “WTF is myth. Might me a myth for the likes of you..but for us it’s faith, emotion, and some real, divine experiences.”


The third one writes, “Myth to masala???? I hope she needs to listen to couple of true stories related to Demigods and miracles happened around Mangalore.”

“Myth to masala ? Do u understand what u are saying.? Whatever shown in movie is not myth..its our culture snd tradition..which liberals won’t understand..” the fourth one writes.

Anupama lauded Kantara

Previously, the well-known critic had lauded Rishab Shetty’s work in Kantara. She had earlier Tweeted after watching the movie, “Team @FilmCompanion after watching #Kantara – what a gorgeous, trippy, dense, eerie, ambitious film. Mind has officially been blown. Thanks @vijaysubs for the screening!


To this, the actor replied and even thanked Anupama for her kind words. “Thank you @anupamachopra,” Rishab Tweeted.