“Kantara 2 will be a Prequel”, Hints producer Vijay Kiragandur

Rishab Shetty’s Kannada film Kantara is among the most celebrated films of the year. Now, its makers have ensured that the film’s second part will be made.

Kantara 2 plot

The Pan India film Kantara is set to be turned into a franchise, the movie’s producers confirmed. Written and directed by Rishab, the hit Kannada film received an amazing response upon its release in theatres on September 30. Reportedly mounted on a meager budget of Rs 16 crore, the movie has earned close to Rs 500 crore worldwide at the box office. Vijay Kiragandur, the co-founder of Hombale Films, said the banner is delighted with the response to “Kantara” and the company will soon start developing for Kantara 2.


“Rishab is away and once he is back, we will discuss what we want to do — a sequel or a prequel. We will have something in a couple of months. We definitely have plans for ‘Kantara 2’ but there’s no timeline,” Kiragandur told PTI in an interview.

Rishab’s take on Kantara 2

Rishab had earlier stated that he plans to make a follow-up to the blockbuster movie. He said that he never had such plans while making the film, but he is not opposed to the idea. In a recent interview, the Kannada star further said that there are many subplots that could be explored for expanding the universe. He also revealed that a prequel to the story is also possible to turn the film into a franchise.

To be noted: The film doesn’t talk much about Shiva’s father, which is ultimately acted by Rishab Shetty himself. So Kantara 2 may focus on Shiva’s father and his spiritual journey of becoming a Bhoota Kola dancer.


Nevertheless, everything has to wait for a while as the actor-filmmaker has decided to go on a break for a few months. He would resume his work after relaxing with his family.

According to Hombale Films partner Chaluve Gowda, the audience linked with the film as it showcased the deep-rooted rituals and beliefs that are prevalent in Indian society. “These rituals are there all over the world in a different ways. Whatever was there in Kantara, the same story can happen in any part of the country. That’s how people connected to Kantara. People related to it. We wanted to show a local subject to a wider audience,” he added.

Meanwhile, speaking with IndiaToday, Kirgandur confirmed that they submitted Kantara for the Oscars. “We have submitted our application for Oscars for Kantara and have our fingers crossed as the final nominations are yet to come,” he said. “Kantara as a story is so rooted that we hope it can find a voice worldwide as well,” he added.