“Kantara 2 Teaser Leaked”, This funny Video shared by Netizens will leave You in splits

While we all are anticipating Rishab Shetty’s Kantara 2, netizens have shared a real-life Kantara incident that will leave you in splits.

Real Life Kantara

If you remember a scene from Kantara where Shiva (Rishab) gets into a verbal war with forest officer Kishore (Murali) for celebrating Boota Kola. After the verbal banter, they both end up cursing each other and it starts a new rivalry between the forest department and the villagers.


This scene has a special place in the heart of the audience because of the powerful dialogue, funny incidents, and many more.

A similar real-life incident has occurred somewhere in Karnataka where a local villager is seen yelling out the government officials in a similar fashion to what Shiva did in Kantara.

In this video, several government officials were claiming a few of the villagers’ land for themselves. To which the angry locals cursed them in a similar way to what Rishab Shetty did to Kishore in the movie Kantara.