Jyotiraditya Scindia praises Modi after joining BJP, says the country is in safe hands

After his shocking announcement to leave Congress after 18 years of loyalty, JaS has officially joined BJP and was in New Delhi today. His initiation was done at the BJP HQS.

After his induction, he spoke to the media about his decision and thanked party chief JP Nadda for welcoming him to BJP. In doing so, he also thanked PM Modi and Amit Shah and said that the party was doing good work for the country.


His relationship with Congress and especially Sonia and Rahul Gandhi was down in the dumps as his promotions were stalled and he never agreed with their game plan when it came to the well being of this country. He also stated that Congress was not what it used to be and that is why he felt the need to leave the party that his father was also apart of for a very long time. He also clarified that the country was in safe hands and BJPwas the right platform to serve the nation under.

Congress has 120 MLAs in Madhya Pradesh, four more than the majority mark of 116 in the 230-member assembly. If the resignations of 21MLAs are accepted, the majority mark will fall to 104. This will make it easier for the BJP – with 107 MLAs – to create a power vacuum and claim power in Madhya Pradesh which remains one of the most important states for the party.