JNU Violence: Masked Mob Enters Campus, Attacks Students And Faculty. Twitterati Reacts

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Yet another shocking incident is coming from the country’s capital where student clashes have been reported. Several Masked mobs entered Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus and attacked students and faculty with sticks and stones.

Dozens of masked men

According to a source, around dozens of masked men carrying sticks and stones attacked Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Sunday evening and went about assaulting teachers, students and vandalizing hostels, leaving many injured.

Soon after the attack, violence broke out between two groups of students, both blaming each other for the attack by the masked men.

The JNU administration called in the police soon after the attack and asked students to stay peaceful and cooperate with the police.

Delhi police statement 

Delhi police sources stated that the first round of fights and clashes happened at noon on Sunday between students — from the Left and the right-wing. Nevertheless, the violence heightened and stretched out of control after 5 pm when “strangers” entered the campus and attacked students and faculty members inside the campus.

The Student Union president Aishe Ghosh, who was wounded in the clash, was rushed to the nearby hospital. She said that she was “mercilessly beaten up” by “goons wearing masks”.

Over two dozen students, and Sucharita Sen, a professor were injured in the violence. The ABVP alleges that its presidential candidate Manish Jangid was also injured badly and may have sustained a fractured hand.

“Efforts are being made to identify them. This will be done after recording statements of those injured, private guards, faculty members and others. A group of violent protesters not only entered the hostel and attack students, faculty members but also damaged campus properties and cars,” Delhi Police sources said.

While the police were trying to control the situation, a crowd gathered outside the JNU gates chanting patriotic slogans near riot police.

Political intervene 

Meantime, various political leaders have shown concerns over the brazen attacks on students in a premier university like the JNU.




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