JNU Student Booked, After Threatening To Spread Coronavirus

A Jawaharlal Nehru University Student has been charged by the Delhi Police, for violating the lockdown and threatening to spread the Coronavirus.

Incidents leading up to the complaint

On Wednesday, at around 8 pm, Pranav Menon wanted to step out of the university from the north gate. However, the security personnel denied permission and asked him to remain inside the campus. Pranav did not pay heed, as he remained seated near the gate. 


When questioned further, Pranav allegedly threatened of coughing and spreading the coronavirus. It is also reported that he removed the masks of the security at the gate. Later, a case was lodged against him under relevant sections of IPC.

The incident happened at the north gate of the university

The student’s version of the events

However, Pranav Menon, an M Phil student has denied the allegation and offered his version of the events. He said:

Such forms of blackmail is not unknown to the JNU administration. I had received permission to leave the campus from the warden of the Tapti hostel. The warden has agreed to testify on my behalf.


He further added:

My reason to leave the campus was my friend was unwell and could not carry on alone in his residence.” 

Pranav said that the University was trying to intentionally malign his name. He reasoned that he was anyways not going to return to the campus after stepping out. Pranav also wanted the CCTV footage to be thoroughly examined at the gates of the university.


In an online police complaint, he accused the security personnel of physically abusing him.