Who is Radhika Menon? The Kashmir Files JNU Professor

After finishing Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ we all are just nosy to know about the Character of Radhika Menon, so let us know more about the real-life character and who is behind Radhika Menon’s character.

A professor at JNU

The character of Radhika Menon, performed by Pallavi Joshi, is inspired by the JNU Professor Nivedita Menon, a well-known political scientist and author of the book Seeing Like a Feminist. Menon is a professor at the center for comparative politics and political theory at JNU.


Pallavi Joshi as in Radhika Menon

She was in news for her controversial statements that caused a lot of debates.

“Everyone knows that India is illegally occupying Kashmir. And everyone accepts it,” Menon said in her lecture towards JNU students on February 22.

Nivedita Menon

Menon, also said that the map of India by foreign journals like Time and Newsweek shows a different map of Kashmir.


She further argues that these maps are banned by Indian authorities. “If the entire world is speaking about India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir, then we should consider the pro-azaadi slogans in the valley are justified,” she adds.


Her speech on the campus triggered protests by ABVP members which led to massive chaos in the university. She was also alleged for raising ‘anti-national’ slogans in support of Kashmir. An FIR was also registered.

On defense, Menon rejected all the accusations and said that an “unnecessary controversy” had been created “based on rumors.”


She said, “I never stated anything regarding Kashmir being illegally occupied by India…the organizer introduced me as someone who had said so in an earlier speech from last year.”

The video of her speech was uploaded on YouTube.

Coming to the movie, the character of Radhika is based on the incidents and events in JNU by Nivedita. The Anupam Kher-starred movie total collection over the opening weekend now stands at Rs 27.15 crore. The film showed over 300% growth on Sunday.