It’s Not A Murder: Sushant’s Cook Reveals Min-To-Min Details Of Actor’s Last Moments

Sushant (15)

It’s Not A Murder: Sushant’s Cook

It’s been over two months since Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide at his Mumbai apartment but his absence has created much more noise than his last few months of secluded life leading to his untimely and shocking demise.

From being called a victim of Bollywood politics to a conspiracy by his then partner Rhea Chakraborty, the ‘Sushant Singh Rajput death case’ has become murkier by the day. Now after two months since his death, the Central Bureau of Investigation has finally taken over the probe after the Supreme Court of India ordered the transfer of the case from Mumbai Police to the central agency.

However, in the latest development, the cook of the later actor on Friday spoke to Times Now’s Aruneel Sadadekar and told him that Sushant’s death was not a murder, unlike what is being speculated.


Sushant’s cook Neeraj ruled out any foul play in the actor’s death and said that there was no chance that someone would have murdered him.


“It is not a murder, he had committed suicide. As soon as I got downstairs, he locked the door within 10 minutes. He generally didn’t do that. And I went upstairs just 5 minutes later to ask him what to cook. I found that it was locked. I don’t think it is murder because he did everything within 5 minutes and we were nearby. If it was murder, we would have seen someone coming. And if at all someone had come to murder him, we would have not let that happen. And usually, when he bolts the door, we never disturbed him after the first doorbell assuming he would be asleep,” Neeraj said.

He added that everything happened too strangely and so soon that all the staff at Sushant’s house were shocked as soon as they broke open the door and found the actor hanging by the ceiling fan.

“The first person to enter was Sidharth Pithani after he called a locksmith broke open the door. There were three of us there – Sidharth Pithani, Deepesh and then me. As soon we entered the room, we saw sir hanging by the fan. Sidharth held his head and rushed out of the room. We didn’t even go into the room after that out of fear,” he added.


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