Don’t Murder His Enthusiasm: Farhan Akhtar Tweets In Support Of Arjun Tendulkar

Even though amidst a pandemic, the IPL auction 2021 was a grand affair. We saw several major bids, and some really low moments where cricketers did not even get sold out.

Throughout the day of the auction, Twitter kept buzzing with IPL auction memes and reactions. The entire day we kept laughing loud when Twitterati made memes on the highest bid in the history of IPL- Chris Morris. When cricketer Glenn Maxwell saw an astonishingly expensive bid, Twitter had a roll making memes.


Among all the laughs and amazement, sadly, there was one cricketer who attracted the limelight for wrong reason. Cricketer Arjun Tendulkar, son of Sachin Tendulkar, got trolled bitterly during the auction. Arjun was taken by Mumbai Indians, the team that his father has joined since a long time, for his base price of Rs 20 lakh.

A huge number of people on Twitter brought up the ‘nepotism’ debate claiming that Arjun made into IPL and Mumbai Indians solely because of the privilege that he holds by being the son on Sachin Tendulkar. He attracted a lot of trolls and memes.

However, some people believe that the trolling is unfair. They believe that we can’t judge Arjun before we see him play. We should first give him a chance to prove himself. If he doesn’t play well, the world can criticise him and hopingly, he won’t be included in the Indian Cricket Team.


Today actor Farhan Akhtar joined the Twitterati who believe that trolling Arjun is unfair. He made a tweet supporting Junior Tendulkar on the basis of his personal experience. Farhan wrote, “I feel I should say this about #Arjun_Tendulkar. We frequent the same gym & I’ve seen how hard he works on his fitness, seen his focus to be a better cricketer. To throw the word ‘nepotism’ at him is unfair & cruel. Don’t murder his enthusiasm & weigh him down before he’s begun.”

Now the condition is such that the actor is caught between the tussle on Twitter. While some are praising the actor for making a sound argument, others are condemning him for supporting nepotism.

Source: Free Press Journal