After Chandrayaan-2, ISRO Gears Up To Conqure The Sun, Plans Aditya-L1 Solar Mission In 2020

After Chandrayaan 2’s successful launch, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) gears up for its next mission to conquer the Sun. The space agency has planned a solar mission named Aditya-L1, which will study the biggest thing in our solar system. The mission will be executed in the first half of 2020.

India’s next mission to Sun

Aditya-L1 will be sent to observe the outer layer of the sun which is called corona. India will become 2nd only after the United States to send its rocket to explore the sun. In 2018, NASA launched Parker Solar Probe, a mission that will deeply study the sun and solar coronal.


“How the corona gets heated to such high temperatures is still an unanswered question in solar physics,” the ISRO stated on its website.

K Sivan an ISRO official, in a press conference last month had told “It is 1.5 million kilometers from the Earth. It will always look at the Sun and give an analysis of the corona because it has a major impact on climate change.” Source

The solar mission Aditya-L1 will study the Sun’s photosphere, chromosphere and corona and It will also study the particle flux emanating from the sun.


ISRO’ success 

ISRO on Monday was successful to launch its second mission to the Moon. A mission, where a mechanical rover will study the unexplored part of the moon (south pole of the celestial body). India will become the fifth nation after the US, Russia, China, and Japan to send tits rover into the moon.

ISRO is also planning to explore Venus. The mission to Venus will be launched in the next 2-3 years, Sivan added.