Is Saurav Ganguly Entering Politics Through BCCI? Find Out What Amit Shah Says

source: hindustantimes

Saurav Ganguly becoming the next BCCI President may somewhere have a BJP consolidation. The former team India captain may have climbed the big step of his career but the saffron party sees the Prince of Calcutta as a trump card. Keeping an eye on the watch, West Bengal will be going through assembly elections by the year 2021 and speculations have grown strong that Saurav Ganguly could be BJP’s answer for Mamta’s Challenge.

Dada’s political role in Bengal

While the media is focused on Sourav Ganguly’s next challenges as BCCI President, a fresh question has taken rounds about Dada’s role in state politics. With Bengal elections due in 2021, there is a theory about Ganguly’s appointment as BCCI head is a political exchange and that he could be pitched as BJP’s CM candidate.


Earlier, the Union Home Minister was asked about his involvement in deciding to appoint the BCCI president. Denying such claims, Amit Shah said, “I did not decide who will be BCCI President. BCCI has its election process for it,” Amit Shah said.”

Saurav in BJP?

Furthermore, he was asked about making Saurav Ganguly the head of the board, a BJP plan in West Bengal. For which he said there has been no deal with Sourav Ganguly over BCCI presidentship. “There has been no such deal or talks with him. It is just bad-mouthing against Sourav Ganguly,” Shah said.

“We have never talked to Sourav about this before. We didn’t try to recruit him and neither did he deny joining the party. It’s not like we don’t want a face, but we can also win without one. We don’t need a face for the BJP in Bengal. We won 18 seats in Bengal without a face and lost a few seats here and there.” said Amit Shah.


amit shah home minister

However, it is still unclear if the former captain wants to step in politics despite having a role to establish better cricketing play in India. “Mr. Ganguly is articulate, good-looking, a superstar, liked by Mr. Modi and Mr. Shah and has now clearly established that he understands politics. He is a challenger,” said a TMC Minister.