Inside Story of How Narendra Modi solved the Doklam Border Issue like a Boss

Doklam Border issue

In recent times, when we look at the disputes every country has with its neighbors, you are definitely reminded of Gordon Brown’s famous quote – For centuries, individuals have been learning how to live with their next-door neighbors. Even more famous is the statement of William Ralph Inge – A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors. Keeping the above two quotes in consideration, let us now look to the aftermaths if India would have fought a war with China because of the Doklam border issue.

The Doklam Border Issue

Doklam is an area between India and China. Some of the areas is also shared between the other two countries Bhutan and Tibet. When the border issue began, rumors abounded that the Indian PM is the main reason for the stand-off as he wants to divert the public thoughts from the economic loss suffered due to the demonetization policy.


The issue began suddenly, became a raging fire, and suddenly it ended with a ceasefire between the two countries. Although the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was successful in getting powerful nuclear nations such as America and Russia for his support on the border issue, the fact remains, that both the countries do not trust each other.

The main reasons are :

  • India does not trust China because of its strong relationship with Pakistan. On the other hand, China has severe doubts about the military presence of India along with its Southern border.
  • As of now, although the armies of both countries have retreated into their respective bunkers, it is a sure sign that the border issue would have escalated into other areas.
  • The sign of a war was looming large over the monsoon. The Press went livid with explanations of the Indian preparations of war. Memories were rucked up on the previous casualties suffered in the 1962, 1967 and 1987 skirmish.

Doklam Border issue

How India Managed to Win Over China without fighting a War

All credits go to the master mind, Mr.Narendra Modi. Doklam issue was a challenge for the Central Government considering the consequences of the war between India and China. Though there was a pressure from China to take back the army, Narendra Modi didn’t entertain any advises and continued to push the army to the borders. It was an intelligent political throw by the Mr.Modi and China had no option but to take back his army from the borders of Doklam.


Doklam Border issue

India put a Global Political pressure on China and have successfully managed to abort the Doklam War

  • It was clear that no other countries will come forward to support China.
  • Though China is stronger than India, it would be a tough game for them to beat India considering the support from other stronger nations of the world.
  • Narendra Modi had successfully convinced the other nations to support India in the case of uncertainty. He also made sure to exhibit the flaws of China to the World.
  • China’s biggest rival Japan was likely to support India with Israel and Russia joining the party, India had become stronger than China.
  • The Big Boss America had also said that it will support India owing to its unfriendly relationship with China.
  • China makes a business of 60 Billion Dollars with India. Any kind of friction would lead to blockage of business roads to India.

Because of these reasons, China had to take back his army from the Border. We should appreciate the efforts of Narendra Modi for making this happen.

If a war had happened, then –

Although it is understood that tensions between the two countries will always remain even if the Doklam issue fizzled out, if the war had happened, it would have no doubt, caused devastation to large parts of the globe. Before going to the after details of war, we have to note –

  • India and China are the two most populous countries of the world.
  • When compared to India, China’s military power is of concern – as the country allocates a large part of the economy to its defense.
  • Both the countries have nuclear missiles, and the loss of lives and infrastructure would have been unmeasurable. At the least, both the countries will take at least a decade to come back to their original splendor.
  • In simple words,Millions will face the loss of life, millions wounded. Due to non-living conditions such as starvation, outbreak of diseases, surviving millions will die as a result.
  • The economy of both countries will suffer a breakdown.
  • Almost every country worth its pie in the market, will either play mediator or help India or China. To quote, Pakistan and North Korea will more likely side with China where as America along with its friendly countries will support India.
  • Everybody in the globe, although not a peace loving citizen, is happy that the war has not happened. Let us also hope that our neighboring countries also nurture the same peaceful feelings with us.

Doklam Border issue

What actually happened in 1962 War

The humiliating defeat was mainly due to unpreparedness on the Indian part, as the Indian Government with Pt Jawaharlal Nehru at the helm propagated “Panchsheel” or the Five Principles of Peaceful coexistence with China. At that day, the major slogan was Hindi- Chini – Bhai Bhai. To this day, there are many who believe Nehru’s untimely demise was because of China’s stabbing in the back as it defied the friendship and overran the Indian borders with its forces.


In the 1967 war, after five years, the tables were turned on China, as Indian had learned from its previous mistake. The Indian army gave a befitting reply as the Chinese were forced to pull back its troops on Sikkim at places known as Nathu La and Cho La.

Doklam Border issue

As per the Indian De-fence Ministry, the war came to an abrupt end in short time with the following casualties –

Killed in India – 1383
Killed in China – 722
Wounded in India – 1047
Wounded in China – 1697


In 1987, movements of China troops along the Sumdorong Chu Valley (Arunachal Pradesh) gave signs of alarm, but the events of a possible war fizzled out. The main reasons were – a visit to China made by Rajiv Gandhi, and the infamous Tiananmen Square incident (1989).

This was the inside story of How Narendra Modi tackled the Doklam Border issue. If you have anything to say about the topic then please contribute your words in the comments below.

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