India welcomes 67,000 babies on Jan 1, 2020; the highest in the world

India welcomed almost 67, 385 babies on 1st January 2020, the most in the world. This was followed by countries like China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and more.

It is said that India contributes to almost 17% of the babies born on new year’s day.


UNICEF is responsible for giving humanitarian and developmental help to children across the globe and it celebrates the babies born on 1st January of every year around the world to ring in the endless possibilities a child can have in the new year.

Speaking to the Times of India, a doctor said, “Some of them chose this day for delivery through cesarean section because they wanted their child to be in a new year. Some felt its auspicious to welcome the bundle of joy in a new year.”

But 1st Jan is not always the most auspicious. In 2018, UNICEF noted that almost 2.5 million babies who were born on 1st January die in the first month of their lives and one-third of them don’t make it past the first day of their life. This can happen due to complications during childbirth, premature delivery or infections.