I Regret Not Being There For You: Kangana Pens A Heartfelt Note On SSR’s Birth Anniversary

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who began a crusade in 2020, seeking justice for late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who allegedly committed suicide. Sharing images of Sushant, Kangana penned down a heartfelt post for the star on Twitter.

She wrote, “Dear Sushant, movie mafia banned you bullied you and harassed you, many times on social media you aksed for help and I regret not being there for you. I wish I didn’t assume you are strong enough to handle mafia torture on your own. I wish …Happy Birthday dear one #SushantDay.”


Ranaut created a storm in the media and a flutter in the circle of the ruling political regime as well as among the high and mighty of the film industry. She averred that Sushant’s death was not a suicide. And, if it was, this was a case of abetment.

Since her first appearance on a television channels, where she blamed bigwigs of the production sector for the death of Sushant, she activated a chain of events whereby the death case turned into a conflict between police/state of Maharashtra and the media, the states of Maharashtra and Bihar, CBI/NCB/ED and the media versus the Maharashtra ruling Aghadi, mostly the Shiv Sena.

In a subsequent tweet, she slammed the film industry for mistreating Rajput.

Kangana stated, “Never forget before his death Sushant wrote on his social media that movie mafia is trying to throw him out of film industry and seeked help from his followers in making his film a success. he complained about nepotism in his interviews. His blockbuster films were declared flop.”

“Never forget Sushant spoke about Yash Raj films banning him, He also spoke about Karan Johar showing him big dreams and dumping his film on streaming, then crying to the whole world that Sushant is a flop actor. Never forget all Mahesh Bhatt children are depressed yet he told Sushant that he will die Parveen Babi death, he self admittedly gave him therapy. These people collectively killed him and Sushant himself wrote that in his social media interaction before his death. Never forgive never forget,” she added.

In another tweet she wrote, “Above everything celebrate Sushant day as a celebration of life, don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough, don’t trust anyone more than yourself, leave people who tell you drugs are the solution and suck you dry financially and emotionally, celebrate #SushantDay.”

Sushant was found dead on June 14 in his Mumbai flat. Many theories and conspiracies emerged after his demise leading to an ongoing CBI investigation into his death.

Source: Free Press Journal