Irfan Khan Birth Anniversary: Top 10 Performances Of The Shining Star Who Left Us Too Early

Irrfan played the character of Rana Chaudhary with amazing flair. The irritability of a driver constantly halted by a nagging client is portrayed effortlessly by Irrfan. Needless to say, the Irrfan-Amitabh chemistry makes ‘Piku’ a must watch.

Hindi Medium– Irrfan played a businessman who tries to get his daughter in a good school by hook or crook. The sheer innocence of the character is brought to life by Irrfan.


Angrezi Medium– Irrfan’s last big release which made everyone shed a few tears is an emotional tale of a father and a daughter. A man who would go to any length in order to get his daughter in a good college is portrayed amazingly by Irrfan.

Life in Metro– A highly acclaimed film which consisted of many fabulous actors. Irrfan’s performance in the movie is short but impactful.

D-day– Another critically acclaimed film which had a stellar cast. Irrfan Khan’s portrayal of Wali Khan in the movie is nothing short of brilliant.


Haasil– Probably the first movie which made everyone notice the sheer class of Irrfan is Haasil. Irrfan’s embodiment of a goon madly chasing a girl is amazing.

Life of Pi– Irrfan’s oozing class gained worldwide recognition through Life of Pi. His portrayal of Piscine Patel is surreal.

Paan Singh Tomar– Biography of a dacoit who once represented India in the Asian Games. The nuances of the characters picked up by Irrfan in the movie proves why he is considered one of the best ever.
Talvar– Irrfan played the role of a CBI officer investigating a high profile murder case. Even during the moments when Irrfan plays an enraged and angry cop, the demeanor of a CBI officer never leaves the soul of the character.
The Lunchbox– Probably the most talked about critically acclaimed film, The Lunchbox perfectly portrays the sheer quality of Irrfan’s acting prowess. Irrfan plays an introverted loner who falls in love with the lady who makes her lunch. Irrfan’s performance in the movie is one of the best by any actor in recent times.
Source: Free Press Journal