India-China FaceOff: India Open for Talks with China But Won’t Step back Along the LAC

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Even as India remains committed to a peaceful and diplomatic resolution with the Chinese, as per the sources, India will remain firm on the ground amid the escalating tensions against the increasing confrontation by the Chinese troops.

The top sources in the government have hinted that India will continue to ‘defend its interests resolutely’ and will deploy appropriate resources to defend its interests. Simultaneously, India will work towards a peaceful resolution of the dispute even as the troops will resist the movement of the Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control.


It is also said that India will resume its border infrastructure activities that were paused due to the breakout of coronavirus pandemic. However, India will maintain its diplomacy by being open to talks with China.

India open for talks

The sources also mentioned that India has always been conscious of the Line of Actual Control and where it lies, it is only the ‘intruder’ who has violated the line time and again. Here, it was quite clear that the ‘intruder’ was meant to be referred to as China. The sources further added that all the activities carried out by the Indian forces were well within its side of the line. The sources said,

“But despite that, the Chinese obstructed the Indian patrols. The two sides are engaged diplomatically both here and in Beijing to address the issue, but there won’t be any compromise when it comes to the defense of our territory.”

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Courtesy: The Hindu

This development comes after dozen of meetings carried out in South Block by the defense minister Rajnath Singh and the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who also monitored the development closely. They were clear that India is looking for a non-escalatory posture but also said that India will not allow the Line of Actual control to be altered. Another source added,


“The situation is serious but not alarming. The Indian Army position is clear that it will not allow the status quo to be changed unilaterally by the People’s Liberation Army’s soldiers, who have intruded 1-3 km into what India considers to be its territory. Indian troops will not budge an inch from their forward positions but will take care not to unnecessarily provoke the PLA troops as per the laid down protocols between the two sides.”

Source: The Times of India