If People Of Delhi Think I Am A Terrorist Then Vote For BJP: CM Kejriwal On Parvesh Verma Terrorist Remark

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Delhi election campaigns have now turned into a new war-like situation. Not with weapons though, but a war of words. Recently, BJP MP Parvesh Verma, terming Delhi Chief Minister as a terrorist, blamed Arvind Kejriwal of trying to provoke riots in the nation’s capital. Hitting back to his statements, the AAP leader had suggested the citizens to press the ‘Kamal’ (Lotus) button if they think he is a terrorist.

War of words in Delhi 

On Wednesday, BJP leaders like Parvesh Verma and Prakash Javadekar had said that Kejriwal was motivating people to pick up guns and drive riots in Delhi.


“I am calling Kejriwal a terrorist because he is giving guns to the people of Delhi. He is making AAP workers shoot by luring them and giving them money. It is very shocking. They have got down to the lowest level in politics. I am urging people to vote for change. But AAP wants riots in Delhi. They want to get all Muslim votes.” Verma said.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal speaking on BJP MP Parvesh Verma’s ‘terrorist’ statement, said that he was in hurt. He said that he has never done anything for his family or his children, and dedicated all his life to the service of the country.

“All my 80% of my batchmates from IIT went to foreign. I left the Income Tax Commissioner’s job. All because of my nation. I leave it on people of Delhi if you think I am a terrorist then press the ‘Kamal’ button on 8th February. And if you think I have worked for Delhi, the Country and the people then press the ‘Jhaadu’ button,” the Chief Minister said. 


BJP defends itself 

Dismissing such reports, the Delhi BJP’s head Manoj Tiwari today said that nobody was calling Arvind Kejriwal as a terrorist. “Nobody is calling Arvind Kejriwal a terrorist… But he is supporting or taking no action against those who are openly creating hate and saying slogans that are anti-India,” Mr. Tiwari told to NDTV.

He further criticized the Chief Minister for not visiting Shaheen Bagh to convince the protesters about the citizenship law.

source: twitter

“If he says I didn’t bring the law, so I won’t go, that is extremely sad and shows that he is incompetent and inadequate as a chief minister. Here your state is stressed and troubled, and you are sitting in an air-conditioned room and saying ‘I won’t go’,” Mr. Tiwari said.


Delhi polls are scheduled to take place on Saturday. The election results will be declared on February 11.