Bored of the Same Idli Sambar? Put the Bite on these 8 Idli Variations in Bangalore

idli variations in bangalore

Who doesn’t loved Idlies? Being a South-Indian and a resident of Bengaluru, Idlies have become a part of our daily routine. It has so well-blended that it has become an emotional component of city’s food culture. Idli that tastes heaven with chutney and a piece of Vada coupled with Sambar is something which has become everyone’s favorite over the years. Well, we all have tasted it by now and today let us take a look at the varieties in Idlis that the city has in its stock for us. Let us go through some of the must-visit food points that serves the lip-smacking Idli Variations in Bangalore and the combinations associated with them.

Mini-Podi Idlis – Annaporani

Mini Idlies or Button Idlies flung with a typical South-Indian Podi from Annaporani is one of our favorites in the city. You know, they taste good when served hot and so you grab them as soon as they come to your table. If you are a south-Indian food lover then you should make time for this place.


Where: Double Road, 2nd stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

idli variations in bangalore
Image Credits – Bawarchi

Peri Peri Idli – BonSouth

If the normal Idli Sambar (Dip) gets a twist then it becomes the lip-smacking Peri Peri Idli, one of BonSouth’s special dish. This fusion of Idli-Sambar zigzagged with a neoteric twist looks and tastes different but it is the same Idli – Sambar which is served. Idlies are smooth and fluffy which adds to the taste and sambar has its own authenticity.

Where: 1st Cross, Jyoti Nivas college, 5th block, Koramangala, Bengaluru.


off beat idli places
Image Credits – LBB

It is not Chicken 65 but it is Idli 65 at Mr.Idly

Hey, did you say that Whitefield has nothing to explore? Well, you might not have heard about Mr.Idly which is known their delectable varieties of idlies. From Chinese fusion to Asain twist, one can enjoy Idly medleys like Chilli idli, Idli Manchurian, Garlic Idli and more. It is pocket-friendly and thus makes it a perfect place to hang out with your friends and family.

Where: 2nd floor, food court, Pheonix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Chilli Fried Idli at Farzi

To start with, you can head to Farzi Cafe for some chili fried idlis. Their menu looks amazingly diverse but for now, you can just hook on to the delicious idlies. Spicy one and at the same time with an equally lip-smacking taste, you just love this variety. Also, they give you a kind of beetroot and ginger rasam to pair with which seems like a perfect combo. Once you gobble them, try their butter chicken bun which comes sandwiched between two feather-like idlies.


Where: UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru.

Idly Burger at Cafe Idly

If there is any cafe in the city which is dedicated to Idlies then it has to be Cafe Idly, without a second thought. People just invade here to get their mouths on Idly Burget – a vegetable patty sandwiched between two big fluffy idlies. It will have the same feeling of eating a burger from KFC or any other burger joint and healthy also. Blessed with retro kind of ambiance, this cafe also serves Kadubu – a Konkani special Idli steamed in a banana leaf.

Where: Kenchappa crossroad, Frazer town, Bengaluru.


idli variations in bangalore
Image Credits – LBB

Green Masala Idli – New Krishna Bhavan

Taste Bhi Health Bhi – This Green Masala Idli from New Krishna Bhavan can be a perfect breakfast for the day. New Krishna Bhavan is known for their usual Masala Dose, Khara Bath, and other South Indian dishes but this variety of Idli came as a surprise for us. The green masala made of spinach and chilies will give a tangy twist to Idlies which just linger in your mouth.

Where: Double road, 2nd stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

Thatte Idli – Renukamba

In the wintry weather of Bengaluru, take your gang of friends and head to Mysore road. Be it a car or bike, you will enjoy the serene beauty of this city and freak out on the unforeseen sight of Namma Bengaluru. It is said that the city was a hill station at one time, you will feel the mist and haze of wee hours.

On your way, you will find this place called Renukamba Thatta Idli. Simply get in and order the soft and hot Thatte idli. Relishing the best Thatta idlis of the world with two dollops of butter will definitely make your day. Please note that it will be crowded on Sunday mornings and so make sure that you reach there before 7 AM.


Open: 6 AM – 10 AM

Where: Near Police Station, Mysuru Road, Bangalore.

idli variations in bangalore

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Chocolate Idli – Idliiies

If you are bored of eating regular idlies then head to these places. Come and taste the varieties like chocolate idlies, banana jaggery idlis, and meethi – paneer idlis and 10 other miscellanies at one place. They also have Ragi Shavige, Aloo Stuffed Idli, and Fresh Fruit Idli to satisfy your appetite in style.

Where: 9th Main Road, 3rd Block Jayanagar neat 3rd block bus stop, Bengaluru.


Chocolate idli
Image Credits – Curly Tales

These were a few Off-Beat Idli Variations in Bangalore where you can have the same Idli but with a mind-blowing twist to it. Do make time and enjoy these Idli variations.

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