“I have COVID-19”. An Anonymous Person Claiming To Have The Virus Answers Regular Questions

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Coronavirus is a new threat in India. The country has seen a dramatic rise this week with confirmed cases rising from six to over 29. People in India are scared about it and are trying all means to protect themselves. However, many are unaware of the virus and often panic about the situation.

Here is a guy who claims to be a victim of COVID-19 and people are curiously questioning him about the symptoms and its treatment. Here are the important things you must read.


What’s your treatment being like? Are you being isolated as to not spread the virus?

-Treatment is pretty much as if I had the flu or a cold in the case of medicine. The only difference is that I’m in quarantine (place of isolation) in a hospital. My family also has to go to quarantine for 2 weeks to make sure they don’t have it too.

What kind of symptoms do you have?

-I have a slight fever, a headache, and a cough. I am only 20 years old so my breathing is fine It’s much like the normal flu…

How did you find out you had it? Did you know you had been exposed?

-No, I didn’t know because I didn’t follow the news but my parents were like special agents dragging me to the hospital as soon as I started showing symptoms. There I got put into quarantine until my test results came back positive and that’s how I found out. And yes I’m still in quarantine


How did being diagnosed go?

-They took my blood and it got taken to a lab I think. Then when they had the results they told me.

When where you diagnosed With Covid-19 and how Long have you has it?

-Because of the isolation, it’s hard to tell how many days it’s been but I think it was diagnosed 3 days ago. I was in Italy and when I came back I started showing flu symptoms so my parents instantly chased me to the hospital where I was quarantined and tested.

Do you think this will be the end of the planet or just a little scary until we can understand a little more about it?

-Taken into consideration that the fatality rate is only about 2-3% and that it’s mostly people over 60 that die from it I think the media is spreading fear where there shouldn’t be. I watched a video on youtube which I enjoyed sadly I don’t remember who made it. He always repeated the sentence “alert, not anxious” and that’s how I think society should react. This is NOT going to be the end of the planet.


How bad is it? Is the media inflating its severity?

-For me, as I described many times now it’s just like the normal flu. The media is spreading fear where there should be respect instead. Alert not anxious is the way to go.

Did you once laugh at memes? Do you regret it?

-Yes, I did laugh at memes and I still do. I don’t regret it. Doctors say I’m gonna be fine and I feel fine. Never regret happy moments in your life!

How are you being treated/medicated in the hospital by the doctors?

-Doctors and nurses are very friendly. I get normal flu medications so my headache isn’t as bad for example


What was your family’s reaction? I hope you get a full recovery and that you’re family’s ok.

-My family had a similar reaction as I did (which I described elsewhere). They’re currently in quarantine too but they most likely don’t have it and will be able to leave

I was sick for a couple of days and suspect I could’ve had it. What are the chances of this? Since it’s passed I’m hoping it was since then I’m immune if a major outbreak happens.

-If you were exposed to it chances are it was corona but since there’s also a huge flu outbreak it probably was just the flu. Immunity is something doctors aren’t sure about yet.

If the Coronavirus fatality rate is only 2% then does that mean it’s as deadly as the flu? Because the flu has a death rate too even if it’s a low amount but nobody talks about that

-Corona is deadlier than the flu. The flu has a death rate of 1% or below I think. But that 2 % of the corona is just an average. For people over 60, it’s higher than 2% and for people in their 20s, it’s probably less than 1%. Surely there are statistics to this somewhere on the internet.

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