I Had To Gather A Lot Of Moral Strength To Dub For Appu: Shivarajkumar

For Appu fans across the globe, the release of James on his birth anniversary is memorable and emotional. Even more for his family. His elder brother and actor Shivarajkumar, is too emotional about the film release and had shared about his experience, dubbing for his brother’s voice.

Shivanna on dubbing 

The 59-year old says, “To talk about James without Appu is very tough. I know that it is significant too, but it is also troubling. The main person behind the film is Appu and we are talking about the film without him around us today. I find this hurting.”


Before passing away, Appu Sir had completed shooting the film. However, he hadn’t dubbed his voice. Director Chethan Kumar took the help of Shivarajkumar and dubbed the entire movie.

Shivanna, on being recording his voice for the film said, “I had advised the team initially to look for another voice to dub for Appu. For any actor, it is challenging to step into someone else’s shoes. And, over here, he is my brother. So, it became really hard to look at him and his performance and then replicate the dialogues. While working on the dubbing It was very touching. I began to imagine once again about his absence. It was tough because I had to first get connected to the work that I was doing. I had to be bold and had to gather the moral strength to dub.”

“But whatever I did was worth it and what helped me to do better was his performance. He has a unique style. My brother has a unique way to deliver his dialogues, so how far I’ve been successful is something that I have to wait and see. I have tried my level best. It is the people who have to decide,” he adds.


Shivanna’s experience sharing the screen

Shivarajkumar also talked about his experience sharing the screen. “I am also doing a guest appearance for one-and-a-half minutes with my brother, Raghavendra Rajkumar. This is a very beautiful emotion connected to the film and has that spirited edge. Of course, it was hard to accept his absence. But, we are all delighted that we are with him in his last movie.

“I have also known the producer previously, as his father had produced my film, Kabira. I also know Chethan Kumar well as he had directed me in an ad. He has been a good pal of mine. So, I am related to this film in many ways,” he describes.

While promoting the movie James, Shivarajkumar says, “When it comes to advertising the film, I have to be there on behalf of my brother’s and also help the team. Of course, for Appu’s film, there will be people coming as he is a bigger star and his name is a brand. But I am here with the team for moral support.”


“People not only in Karnataka but across the country, are connected with Appu’s name and his humanity. They loved him because of his pure soul. So, everyone wants to watch his film. It is like a festival more than a release. I will be in shooting in Mysuru, so I will watch the film there.”