Govt Should Suspend NPR, CAA for 3 Months Between Coronavirus Threat: Congress

source: ani

The veteran Congress leader and former Union cabinet minister Salman Khurshid has recommended the in power Bharathiya Janatha Party government to suspend the National Population Register (NPR) and other such things “for three months” in the appearance of the coronavirus threat.

Suspending CAA & NRC amid virus threat 

Despite the Coronavirus threat, Shaheen Bagh women protesters on Friday said that they will continue their sit-in against the amended citizenship law on Sunday.


“On Sunday, we will sit in small tents. Only two women will sit under each tent and maintain a distance of one meter between them,” a protester said.

source: ajjtak

As reported by ANI, Mr. Khurshid stated that the governments should meet the protesters and ask them to take back their protests to avoid the risk of coronavirus transmission through large public gatherings.

“I wish that the central government had a good sense of reaching out to people who are participating in anti-CAA protests and tell them that everything will be postponed till we can shake off this threat (coronavirus),” he told.


“Then we can then negotiate or discuss what can be done or what cannot be done (about CAA and NPR). But now it is time to bring this major confusion to a halt. I imagine it would be fair on their (government’s) part to say that they are postponing everything for three months. It is not the end of the world,” he said.

Janatha Curfew

The 67-year-old leader also called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request to people to come out on their rooftops and balconies etc on March 22 and clap or beat thalis to express gratitude to the people involved in providing essential services as “excessive” and “uncalled for”.

“The growing awareness and the voluntary steps people are taking care to be encouraged and applauded. But perhaps it’s a little bit excessive to be saying what the PM has said that we should come out and clap etc.”



“This is a little uncalled for. But to the extent that we owe gratitude to the people who continue to provide essential services despite the danger that it poses to them, I think our gratitude should certainly be underscored and emphasized,” he added.

Khurshid further slammed politicians and celebrities who attend parties etc, and cause a threat to many people. The Congress leader said that it is a “grave mistake” for anyone to think that all the guided precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus are for others and not for us.