Government Reportedly Bans File-Sharing Service Wetransfer

The Government of India has reportedly banned file-sharing service WeTransfer in the country. The decision comes in the wake of several Indians making use of the service while working from home.

WeTransfer – A useful application

A Netherlands-based independent file-sharing service, WeTransfer has around 50 million users across the globe. A user can share files upto the size of 2 GB delivered to anyone else, straight to their mail account. The premium pack offers more features and larger file capacities.


Order passed on May 18th

The Department of Telecommunications passed on order on May 18th which called for banning of three specific website URL’s. While two of them are specific WeTransfer pages, the third URL is the entire website itself. It is also not clear as to what were the contents of the the two pages which were specifically banned.

The authorities have mentioned that ‘national security’ is the reason banning the website in India. The action has been taken in line with the ‘Unified License’ which states:”In the interest of national security or public interest, the Licensee shall block Internet sites/Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)/Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and/or individual subscribers, as identified and directed by the Licensor from time to time.

However, it has come to note that on several Airtel ISP’s the website is still active. The relevant updates are likely to arrive soon though.


Source: Scoop Whoop