Go To Pakistan: Meerut SP Trapped On Video Warning Anti-CAA Protesters, Later Explains Why

source: TOI

As protest continues to trouble Uttar Pradesh’s peaceful atmosphere, a senior police officer from Meerut was recorded making extremely communal statements in a Muslim neighborhood. Last Friday, when police forces were dealing with violent protests, a police officer asked the protesters to go to Pakistan.

Go to Pakistan 

A week ago 5 protesters were dead during protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Since then the situation becomes much tenser as protests against the amended citizenship law got violent.


Amongst the protest, a video is going viral on social media where a police officer is heard asking protesters to leave India and “go to Pakistan”.

In a short clip, Meerut Superintendent of City Police Akhilesh Narayan Singh is noticed leading down a narrow lane in riot equipment. Suddenly he stops near a crowd to speak to them, especially men wearing skull caps.

“Where will you go? I will set this lane straight,” the SP is heard ordering the men in the video.


“These black and blue stripes you people are covering, go to Pakistan,” says SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh. “We were just doing our Namaz,” one of them responded.

“Don’t want to stay here, go to Pakistan…you come here but chant praises of some other country. I am now common with this passage. If anything stupid occurs here, you will have to pay the price.

I will throw every person from every house in jail,” the SP says, and ends his yell by saying, “I will crush them.”


The Police Explains

Akhilesh Singh defending himself said there was a lot of chaos in the area. When he reached the path, he saw some anti-social parts raising anti- India slogans. He also claimed that some people in the area were trying to spoil the atmosphere by raising pro-Pakistan slogans.

“Some young boys after observing us (city police) shouted pro-Pakistan slogans and started running. I recommended them if you raise such slogans, then go to Pakistan,” the Meerut SP said.

The senior police officer Mr. Kumar said, “In normal incidents, the selection of words could have been better. But our officers displayed discipline and did not misbehave with anyone. Those who are spreading the video now are seeking to spoil the atmosphere.”