Go Lalbagh, create this Guinness World Record and make us Proud


We all have embraced the beauty of Lalbagh and it’s historical significance. The natural aura that it carries has been Bengaluru’s favourite from decades. Now, this popular Garden of the city is hoping to create a record on December 9, when 10,000 students come together for a cause, ‘My Tree, My Life.’

It will be a historic day when ten thousand high school students will stand still as trees and hug each other. As a part of ‘My Tree, My Life’ programme, students from class 8,9,10 representing 60 schools of the city, are getting trained and coached about the importance of trees and the preservation of the Environment.

Dr. A N Yallappa Reddy, Chairman of the Environment and Parks Technical Committee said,

“The aim of this programme is to make children aware of the environment. In addition, Lalbagh will get special recognition. While joining the Guinness book of records, information about Lalbagh’s birth and growth will be recorded.”

(Quoted from TOI)


It is said that on the day of the event, students will be educated about the trees, types of trees, growth mechanism, reproduction ways, and other things about the life Savior of human beings. Post that, students will form a chain and stand still for 2 minutes.

This event will be recorded by Guinness World Records department and is organized in league with Horticulture department and the Rotary club. It is also reported that entry to the Garden on the day of the event will be restricted and it will be open from 10 AM to 12 PM only.

Bengaluru’s Landmark Garden, Lalbagh hopes to create Guinness World Record and we can’t wait to witness the event. We believe that the initiatives like this will create an awareness in the future generation and indeed help to keep the city clean and fresh.

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