Gandhi Assassination Painting Depicted On Kerala Budget Cover Page

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The Kerala government was seen depicting the painting of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on its Budget booklet. The art is a creation of a Malayali painter who has shown Gandhi lying with the stain of blood while his followers suffer his death. Sparking controversy, the state finance minister used the painting to make a political statement.

Depicting the painting of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi

Kerala Finance minister TM Thomas Isaac has said that it is definitely a “political statement”, a message the state government has to convey. The government’s primary motive is to remind them (the BJP) that we remember that Gandhi was murdered by Hindu communalists, who are worshipped today by the ruling party at the Centre, he said.


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He also claimed that history is being re-written and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is being used to break the country into communal systems.

“This move is necessary at the times when history is being re-written. Efforts are being made to erase some popular memories and are using NRC to divide the population into communal lines. Kerala will stand united,” he said.

In the meantime, the Centre confirms that it is in no condition to implement a nation-wide NRC.


Tom Vattakuzhy the painter 

The painting ‘Death of Gandhi’, which captured the horrifying event of Mahatma Gandhi’s final moment, was painted by Tom Vattakuzhy in July Last year. On January 30 this year, many people, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared the painting in their respected social media accounts and did not give him credit.


The painter who belongs from Muvattupuzha near Kochi criticized Rahul Gandhi and other notable leaders for not attributing him for the painting.

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“It is not just the skill or the hours spent on the painting. In styles like history painting, which is not very widespread in our country, an artist has to spend a lot of time doing preparation.”