From Badam Holige To Dry Fruit Holige, This Holige Mane in Bengaluru Has It All

holige mane

Holige, Puran Poli or Obbattu, a sweet dish which is largely popular in Karnataka and in Southern parts of India is special for many reasons. It is usually prepared during festivals and so is the eagerness attached to it. There is no home in Karnataka where Holige is not prepared however each has its own way to it. Be it the variety, flavor, or the very way it is served; today, Holige is not just confined to the traditional Dal and Jaggery Holige. If you are looking to taste amazing varieties of it then come down to Holige Mane Of Malleshwaram.

holige mane

Fall in Love With Holige Again

Who doesn’t love Holige? It has been everyone’s favorite since times, however, now you can fall in love with it again at Holige Mane. This is the place where you get to taste off-beat varieties in Holige. Be it Badam, Carrot, kova, or Dry Fruit Holige, this small ‘Mane’ has it all. Without a second thought, this is a legendary place in the city and a one-stop store for Holige’s.

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holige mane

The menu here is so diverse that you just can’t try it at all on your first visit. So, plan to visit again and again if you don’t want to miss even a single variety of it. It is not at all pricey and an absolutely pocket-friendly place to walk in.

Must-Try: Dry Fruit Holige, Badam Holige, Kova Holige, and Carrot Holige.

Piping Hot Holige’s From Tawa to Plate

One specialty of Holige Mane is its instant food. In the sense, it will be cooked all fresh in front of your eyes. The very sight of it looks so yummy that you just can’t wait to have that Holige on your plate and to your mouth. It will be topped with Ghee and as you take a bite after bite, heaven seems to be a next door affair.

holige mane

So, when you are in Malleshwaram or anywhere in the city, make time for this Holige Mane. You will love it for sure.

Open: 10 AM – 10 PM

Where:  No 57, 6th Cross Road, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru

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