Five Things You Should Consider Before Building a House


Building your house is one of the most exciting and the biggest project you would undertake. With plenty of decisions to make, what keeps you going throughout the process is the knowledge that you are not just building a house, but a home custom-designed for your lifestyle.

Here are the five things you should consider before constructing your dream house to reduce the cost of construction in Bangalore.

1. Locality- Accessibilities and amenities

One of the major things to consider is the locality where you are going to construct and the amenities it has. A good plot will have better access to school, hospitals, and other basics. Consider the resale value as well. The plot surrounded by green nature is an advantage.

2. Approvals and power/water supply

Typically to build, the landowner must approach the civic authority concerned and get an approval for the plan. After approval is granted, this building plan becomes a sanctioned plan and the owner has the right to go ahead with the construction. It is mandatory for the landowner or developer to strictly follow the sanctioned plan. It could be a time-consuming process as you are dealing with the government authorities. So, it is better to know the plan approval procedure and keep the required documents in advance.

To execute the work at the site, power connection and the water supply is necessary. In such cases, the electricity board provides a temporary power connection during the construction which can be made permanent once the construction is completed. The plot should have water connectivity prior to the construction.

3. The plan- Know your numbers, resources and the timeline

Have a clear picture of what you want to build, and the cost required along with the total time frame allocated for the project. Costing is a vital part. Have a clear budget on how much to spend on the construction. Collaborate with a professional and get details on,
• Floor plans, architectural and structural design for the house
• Quality and the price of the materials to be used
• Work sequence and the time frame (work schedule)
• Nearby material vendors providing resources such as labors and materials for a reasonable price
• Source of funding, bank loans, and mortgages.
Always make sure your ideas executed are on par with the budget.

4. Contractor experience, skills, and reputation

Building contractors, you hire must be registered and have enough experience to assure uninterrupted execution with utmost quality. Basically, the building contractor is responsible for the work at the site. An experienced contractor would have a skilled team to pull the job off with the desired outcome within the timeframe allocated. Contractors who consistently deliver good projects will have a good reputation. Make sure you hire the right contractor who is time conscience, well-reputed and experienced.

5. Design the house with optimum space usage

Since you are custom building your house for you and your family, make sure the space used in a smart way fulfilling all the requirements with the space being used in an optimum way. Make sure your house has enough ventilation and light. Get to know the soil condition, design a house which is structurally stable.

These are the 5 important things you should consider before you head to construct a house.

Happy building!!

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