10 Things That You May Expect To Happen In KGF 2 – The Most Awaited Chapter Of Indian Cinema

KGF, the Kannada movie which released on December 21, 2018, opened to huge numbers and soon it was called as the biggest blockbuster of Kannada Cinema.

Man of the People

KGF Part 1 ended with Rocky supposedly taking over KGF after killing the primary antagonist Garuda in the most spine chilling scene of the movie. By doing so, he fulfills the mission he was sent for by Andrews and Co. Though Rocky was sent by Andrews, Rocky had an ambition of his own; to be a big shot. By assassinating Garuda in front of the deity with the presence of thousands of slaves, he, therefore, is shown as the “man of the people”.


KGF 2 story

The Five Associates

Now, with the help of Rocky, the five associates of Suryavardhan; Andrews, Rajendra Desai, Guru Pandiyan, Kamal and Adheera has eliminated the biggest hurdle to have their hands on the Gold Mine. It seems Rocky has a bigger purpose than serving these people. He has different plans. He is too ambitious of a person to just follow the orders of a few people.


Freeing the slaves

While Andrews and Rajendra Desai’s intentions were clear, the Politician Guru Pandiyan hasn’t shown his true nature yet and we have seen very less of Adheera too. We have seen that Rocky is developing or has developed a soft corner for the slaves. He isn’t as “stone-hearted” as he was when he entered KGF. He would surely free the slaves which probably wouldn’t go down well with the associates.

what happens in kgf 2

Divide among the associates

Until Garuda breathed his last, all the associates seemed united. They had a common goal. They yearned for the same thing. Now that they have achieved it, individually, each one of them would want to rule KGF. The conflict among themselves would begin to fade in. Kamal, who is promised to get married to Reena, the daughter of Rajendra Desai, will be the first one to rebel when he learns about Reena’s desire to marry Rocky. That would stir up the relation between Kamal and Rajendra Desai.


what happens in kgf 2

Guru Pandiyan

Guru Pandiyan has not been given proper screen time to understand what he wants. He probably and should have more to play in the second part.

There are three characters who have been able to generate the maximum intrigue among the viewers; Adheera, the brother of Suryavardhan, Inayaat Khalil and the Prime Minister, Ramika Sen.

what happens in kgf 2


We have been told that Adheera left KGF when Garuda took charge ahead of him. He has waited patiently for his turn. Now that he learns about Garuda’s death, Adheera will return to KGF to rule which, to him, is his right. Garuda’s younger brother, Virat and his aide Kulkarni, will join hands with Adheera in regaining KGF.


Inayat Khalil

We don’t know much about Inayaat Khalil who is shown to be residing in Dubai. It seems he also has a big stake in whatever is happening in KGF. He will have a bigger hand to play in the second part.

what happens in kgf 2

Prime Minister Ramika Sen

Prime Minister, Ramika Sen, is first shown to have ordered the killing of India’s most wanted criminal, Rocky. Until now, she has been kept under wraps which makes us believe that a prominent actor would play the role. This also means that the role has enough meat to extract in the second part – Why did she order to kill Rocky? How did he become India’s most wanted criminal?

what happens in kgf 2


If the first film of Prashant Neel is anything to go by, we expect Reena to have a bigger and impactful role than the first part. Her love story with Rocky will bloom and it could be dealt with serious by-products too.


what happens in kgf 2


In the middle of all this, our protagonist, Rocky, has a game of his own chalked out in his head. Prashant Neel is too proud of his protagonist to leave him with weak or average intentions. With his past played out, we know he has a bigger purpose to serve. Something beyond KGF.

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With shooting started, the least one can expect from the second part of KGF is a lot of entertainment and more chills. It also has the onus to be the biggest Kannada film crossing its predecessor. It is by far the most awaited films of Kannada Film Industry. We can’t wait to watch it!