“Don’t want Ajay Devgn to hate me, I want to work with…”: Kiccha Sudeep

In the latest interview, Kichcha Sudeep reacted to the National Language controversy with Ajay Devgn and South Vs North debate.

National Language controversy

Last year, Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep made headlines after he had gotten into a spat with Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn over Hindi and its status as the ‘national language’. Later, Vikrant Rona actor clarified that the two actors have buried the hatchet. Now, Kiccha expressed his desire to work with his favorite actress Kajol and said that he can’t have her husband hate him.




When Kiccha was asked about his infamous national language debate with Ajay, the Kannada superstar said that he believed the matter was closed because it was just a matter of perspective. He then said that Kajol is his favorite actress and told CNN-News18, “I’m looking forward to working with Kajol so I can’t have her husband (Ajay Devgn) hate me.”

He further added, “It’s not a conflict, it’s a hope. Imagine Kajol is working with me and Ajay is on a video call staring at me all the time. I don’t want that to happen. Ajay Devgn is my favorite actor right now.”

The present situation 

When he was questioned if they had any kind of interaction after their Twitter argument, Kiccha said, “We were all okay. By the end of the day, we are not holding any swords and fighting and killing each other. It’s a matter of debate and it happened in public. So it was not for wars. What happened there, ended there and in a very sweet way. In a language that all of us could understand, English. So it’s okay. If we meet, we will probably have a drink together.”


When the interviewer further encouraged Kiccha if he would have dialed Ajay and clarified, the Vikrant Rona actor said, “I don’t have his phone number. If you have then we can talk.” And then he added, “Actually, I am more interested in getting Kajol’s number. If that works, then it works for me.”