Divya Spandana’s Deleted Social Media Accounts Trigger Speculations About Her Leaving Congress

divya spandana

The head of the social media wing of the Congress, Divya Spandana’s social media accounts have been deleted. When a user searches for her Twitter and Instagram handles he is redirected to the message that the accounts do not exist. This triggered off the speculations that post defeat of Congress, Divya Spandana might have left the party.

According to reports, none of her tweets can be seen on her Twitter account and even her description does not include her post in the National Congress Party. The report further says that there is still an ambiguity whether Spandana is with the social media team of the party or not.

Spandana Denies Leaving Congress

There was neither denial or confirmation from the Congress party members or Spandana. Rather the media department of the party declined to make any comment on the account of Spandana. When asked by a media person, Spandana said, “Your source is wrong.” Even though her Instagram and Twitter accounts seem deleted, the Facebook page of Spandana is active.

The solid media cell and dominant presence of BJP online has been one of the few reasons for the party’s huge success in the recently concluded general assembly elections. Spandana, on the other hand, has been behind the social media presence of Congress.

Prior to this, in October 2018, similar speculations questioning the association of Spandana triggered when her bio on Twitter that read,  “Actor, Former Member of Parliament and currently handles social media and digital communication for Congress,” was taken down on October 3. But only after a few hours, it was added again.  

The re-posted bio said, “Actor, Former Member of Parliament, currently handling Social Media & Digital Communications for the Congress party & I ❤️ it!” At that time the actor told the media that she was on leave and had not at all stepped down. Spandana even blamed the missing Twitter bio issue to a bug.

Hints Of Strains And Change In Position

At that time media speculated that Divya Spandana resigned as the communications in-charge of the Congress so that she should be given some other responsibility but that did not happen.

Some media people also reported that there was a strain within the party regarding her post and that a former journalist and digital media professional, Nivedith Alva might take up Spandana’s place.

However, until now no official clarification has come forward from Congress or Divya Spandana.



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