Divya Khosla Kumar Responds To Sonu Nigam’s Allegation, Calls Him Ungrateful

Divya Khosla (2)

Days after Sonu Nigam accused T-Series head Bhushan Kumar of having links with the underworld and of harassing an actress, Filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar who also happens to be the wife of Bhushan Kumar has hit back at the singer in a point by point rebuttal.

Divya started the video by claiming that Sonu Nigam has started a hate campaign to bring Bhushan Kumar and the music label down. She said,


“I want to say that T-Series has launched thousands of artists who are outsiders with no connection to the industry. These include composers, singers, lyricists, actors, directors. I would like to ask Sonu Nigam Ji who claims that talent is not getting a chance in the industry, how many people has he given a chance to, till date.”

Divya Khosla (1)
Courtesy: News Break

Sonu Nigam, in a video, had said in a video that there is nepotism in the music industry too and people would soon hear about suicides in the music industry. Divya accused Sonu of securing his own career. She said,

“You are a legend, so many people must come to you looking for work, but you have never recommended any new talent on T-Series. Neither did you seek chances for any new talent nor did you introduce any new names in the industry. It is easy to hide behind the camera and make accusations of social media but on the ground level, you have never helped any new talent come forward.”

‘Sonu Nigam Is Ungrateful’

She also reminded Sonu Nigam that while he was singing for Rs. 5 in Delhi’s Ramleela and it was Gulshan Kumar who recognized his talent and made him a star. When Gulshan Kumar was shot dead, Sonu Nigam signed up with another label without gratitude. About the charges of Abu Salem, she responded,

“I now want to ask you Sonu Nigam Ji why Bhushan Ji came to you for help on this matter. This matter needs to be investigated. Did Sonu Nigam have links with Abu Salem? He definitely did. That is why Bhushan requested him for help, and Sonu has admitted in his video that he requested for help.”

She also clarified the Metoo allegations of Marina Kuwar and said that it was a blackmail threat. She also revealed that the police have investigated it and concluded it to be nothing but a blackmail call. She also urged him not to misuse the Metoo movement.


Since the allegations have been leveled, massive social media outrage is happening against T-Series. Here’s how social media is reacting.