‘Music Mafia Is Bigger Than Movie Mafia’, Sonu Nigam Continues His Fight Against Lobbying


Bollywood has suffered continuously in the year 2020. Apart from the business hit due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, there has been a ton of allegations leveled against Bollywood.

It all began with the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput who took his life. That gave rise to the importance of mental health and eventually, the debate of nepotism started to make more noise. The debate of how the industry treats its actors and artists have been a subject of centuries. The death of Sushant paved the way for more insights on the issue.


Jumping into the debate was the renowned singer Sonu Nigam who shed the light of favoritism in the music industry of Bollywood. He had accused various people of lobbying including Bhushan Kumar, the head of the music label T series. Several allegations were faced by Sonu Nigam too. Many musicians came in support of Sonu as well as T Series. On Saturday, music maestro AR Rahman revealed that there is a gang in Bollywood who wouldn’t want him to continue work. Following this, Sonu Nigam has come forward again to make a stark claim.

Sonu Nigam (1)

In the new interview, Sonu said that the music mafia is bigger and ruthless than the film mafia. He went to explain it further,

“I am not from the acting industry. People who are from the acting industry are doing perhaps what is needed – detoxifying. There is a mafia, I don’t know how big it is in the film industry because I don’t really deal with them.”

‘Many Don’t Have The Courage’

Sonu also said that many in the industry know the truth but are refraining from coming out in the open because they have a family to run. However, he feels that he has the courage to speak the truth and not fear anything in life. He said,


“I am glad that I have reached that stage in my life that I can stand and speak the honest truth. Everybody cannot do that as they have their families to run to work for. But this had to be addressed and revealed to the world that there is a big music mafia.”


Source: Pinkvilla