Did Kangana Indicate That Hrithik Roshan Was Hospitalized For Drug Overdose In This Interview?

Kangana (15)

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has emerged at the forefront of the media after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. In an interview with Republic TV’s anchor Arnab Goswami, Kangana hinted at an ex-boyfriend who was hospitalized for a drug overdose.

In the interview, She said,


“Every night there used to be parties and drugs used to flow like water. Drugs like LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy pills they’d even consume during the day. This person who considers himself a superhero got a big attack on drug overdose. He was admitted to the hospital and this is a known fact. He got a reaction into his lungs I think, however, the hospital won’t reveal it and the matter was done and dusted there itself.”

Even though Kangana didn’t name Hrithik Roshan in her statements, her mention of a superhero reminds of their collaboration in Krrish 3 during which there were rumored to be in a relationship. The affair supposedly came to an end after Hrithik divorced his wife Sussane Khan in 2014. Kangana also mentioned that the ex-boyfriend’s family threatened her with dire consequences. She said,

“If they are mighty and powerful, how can I harm them? Then why do they want to put me behind bars? They know that I know these secrets so they tried to discredit me, termed me bipolar, or get me killed.”

Kangana Mahesh Bhatt (1)
Courtesy: Amar Ujala

The Drug Mafia In The Industry

This revelation came from her after the drug angle in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case deepened. Shedding light on the drug use in the industry, she said in one of her tweets,

“Most popular drug in the film industry is cocaine. It is used in almost all house parties. It’s very expensive but in the beginning, when you go to the houses of high and mighty its given free. MDMA crystals are mixed in water and at times passed on to you without your knowledge.”


Source: Free Press Journal