Delhi Max Hospital’s Outrageous COVID-19 Treatment Charges Spark Leaving Twitterati Fuming

Courtesy: India Times

With COVID-19 cases seeing no end in the immediate future, private hospitals will inevitably come into the picture on a large scale. However, the price of treatment in private hospitals is exorbitant, and sometimes, cannot be affordable too.

Delhi Max Hospital’s Outrageous Pricing

A Twitter user recently shared a post that shows the astoundingly high rates for COVID-19 treatment at Max hospital in Delhi. As per the details, the per-day charges of COVID management at Max Healthcare range from Rs 25,000 for an economy room, to a whopping Rs 72,500 for an ICU with a ventilator. Charges for PPE range from Rs 3,900 to Rs 7,900. COVID testing is priced at Rs 4,500. Here is the tweet that has gone viral:


Twitter left fuming

Netizens could not digest the fact that this hospital was milking the situation for its monetary advantage. Of course, a few of them displayed their anger on the platform:

One user even felt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to interfere in the matter and stop the loot. A few even felt that the Government must take severe action on such hospitals.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu are among the few states that recently capped the rates for COVID and non-COVID treatment in the state to address the issue of over-billing by healthcare providers. As per reports, Delhi is the only exception with no regulation, despite numerous complaints.


Source: India Times