Meat Isn’t Impure, It’s Just Like Onion Garlic: Owaisi On Meat Row

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi came out in opposition to the ban on the sale of meat. He said that meat is not impure, and is just food like garlic and onion.

Ban on meat shops

A Member of the Parliament from Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi reacted to the ban on meat shops, he said, “100% of people have the choice to not buy meat if they don’t want to.”


Taking to Twitter, Owaisi took a dig at PM Modi by saying, “Modi wants ease of doing business for big industrialists and ease of bigotry for ideological henchmen. Who will compensate for income loss? Meat is not impure, it’s just food like garlic or onion. Not just 99%. 100% of people have the choice to not buy meat if they don’t want to.”

Owaisi’s comment came after the Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Mukkesh Suryaan claimed that 99% of households in Delhi don’t even eat garlic and onion during Navratri.

Suryan said that an official order concerning the closure of meat shops will be issued soon and such shops “will not be allowed to open from Tuesday”.


Sentiments of devotees are impacted

Explaining his decision, Suryaan said that devotees of goddess Durga keep fast for nine days with a strict vegetarian diet as well as refrain from the use of non-vegetarian food items, alcohol, and also certain spices.

A letter passed on to SDMC Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti read, “Religious beliefs and sentiments of devotees are impacted. People come across meat shops or have to bear the foul smell of meat on their way to offer daily prayers to goddess Durga during Navratri.”