Space For Only 150-200 More: Delhi’s Largest Cemetery As Covid Cases Rise

Families mourning the death of their loved ones who succumbed to COVID-19 infection are now facing another challenge – the struggle to give them dignified last rites.

As the COIVD-19 continues to claim more and more victims every passing day, crematoriums and cremation grounds are overwhelmed with the number of bodies that reach there for last rites.


Double number of bodies

Crematoriums and cremation grounds in Delhi are receiving nearly double the number of bodies now, out of which a large portion are to be cremated as per COIVD-19 protocol.

According to official figure on confirmed and suspected cases, the virus has killed 409 people in Delhi in the first 13 days of April, while it had claimed 117 lives in the entire month of March and 57 in February.

This substantial rise in the fatality rate has led to a rush of bodies at the city’s crematoriums and burial grounds.


Suman Gupta, the general secretary of Badi Panchayat Vaishya Beese Agarwal organisation that manages the city’s main crematorium at the Nigambodh Ghat said they are seeing an increase in the number of funerals.

From 50-60 cremations to 80 now

“Usually, around 50-60 cremations are performed here daily. The number has gone up to over 80 now,” he said.

Source: India Times