Darshan Explains The Real Reason Behind Releasing Kranti On January 26

The release date of Kranti was planned considering the people, reveals Darshan. The much-awaited Pan India film which pairs Darshan with Rachita Ram will open in theatres on January 26, 2023.

Kranti’s January release 

Darshan is greatly considered one of Kannada cinema’s biggest stars. He is loved by many because of his larger-than-life image and powerful performances on screen. The makers of Kranti have decided to release the film in theatres on January 26, 2023. This will be D-Boss’ first pan-India movie. Kranti is an actioner, directed by Harikrishna. The filmmaker also serves as its music director.


Speaking to the Youtube channel, Darshan explained why the film was released on January 26 and not sooner. “This film has been made for my fans, whom I call celebrities. The team of Kranti had initially thought of releasing the film sometime in November, but then we figured that the Sabarimala season begins in December and a large chunk of fans will probably be taking up the pilgrimage. While wearing the ‘mala’ they cannot watch and celebrate the film. Then, during Sankranti, the farmers of Karnataka will be busy, so we decided that January 26 would be the best time,” he explained.

Here’s the video:

Revolt in the education system

Kranti has him in the role of an NRI who returns to India and solves the issues of a Kannada medium school, thereby starting a revolt in the education system.


Darshan also spoke on how taking a child through its school education alone is a multi-lakh venture, as against the few hundreds or thousands one would have paid back in his day. “That’s because 75% of the private schools are owned by politicians and they are not going to give you anything for free. There’s a donation and then a fee for everything the child gets to do while on the school premises. Kranti has a good line about how a parent today is about ‘pay-a-rent’. You pay rent for the child to get on to the school bus, sit in class, play at the grounds, eat at the canteen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kranti, which pairs Darshan with Rachita Ram, is his second film with director-composer V Harikrishna, after Yajamana. The film opens in theatres on January 26, 2023.