Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park To Get Hi-Tech Makeover With 800 Smart LEDs & Environmental Sensors

cubbon park

The Cubbon Park in Bengaluru is gearing up to reveal its revamped look as it is getting a hi-tech makeover soon. Reports indicate that the park will very soon have 800 smart LED’s installed.

These LED’s will adjust their brightness in accordance with the movement of the people, season and time of the day.


Cubbon Park LEDs To Have Motion & Environmental Sensors

The smart LEDs to be installed in the Park will have the inbuilt motion and environmental sensors. They will enable the lights to make changes into their brightness. It means that whenever it is summer or bright sunny day, the lights will be dim.

During winter when it becomes dark very early, the light will become brighter in the early hours of the evening and morning. A centralized control system will monitor this working of lights that are programmed according to the season.

The motion sensors in the smart LED lights will ensure that the brightness of the light becomes dim when there is no movement in the Park. Handled by the Bangalore Electric Supply Company (BESCOM), the sensors will also display pollution levels.


BESCOM To Install Smart Display Screens 

According to the DGM of Technology Innovation Centre, Anil Kumar D’Souza, BESCOM, they will be installing smart display screens in the Cubbon Park. These screens will reveal details about the various events related to the park and its heritage.    

The screens will also reveal the do’s and don’ts at the park. Total 50 screens have been proposed two of which have already been installed at the Cubbon Park. D’Souza said that they are planning to install the remaining screens in the coming week. According to an official, they will test the communication system next month.

Places like the Cubbon Park are a part of the heritage of Bengaluru for which the city is known as “Garden City of India.” With these new technological installations, Cubbon Park will be a blend of nature and technology.


So the park will simply be a culmination of technological innovations and nature for which the IT  hub of India is so famous for. The revamped Cubbon Park will take the lineage of Bengaluru further.

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