Indian Army To Upgrade Security Of CRPF Jawans: Adds 30 Seater Bomb-Proof Buses

crpf mine protected vehicles

The Pulwama attack that killed more than 40 CRPF jawans is still fresh in the mind of every Indian. Both the Indian Army and the Indian government took major steps to catch the terrorists involved in the attack. We also gave a befitting reply to the Pakistani army.

The attack also made the Indian Defence Force understand the need to upgrade the security of our jawans. That is why the Indian Army has decided to add a new fleet of Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) and small 30 seater bomb-proof buses.


New Measures For Safety Of Jawans Post February 14 Attack

Apart from procuring a new fleet of Mine Protected Vehicles, the paramilitary forces have also decided to increase the number of its disposal squads (BDDS) and bomb detection for around 65 battalions. These battalions stationed in Kashmir valley maintain law and order and stop anti-terror activities.

The Pulwama attack that occurred on February 14 this year killed a convoy having 40 jawans traveling from Jammu to Srinagar. A suicide bomber used a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (IED) for the attack.

According to the CRPF Director General (DG) RR Bhatnagar, “We are enhancing our counter-IED capabilities in Kashmir. We are procuring and sending more MPVs and are bullet-proofing force buses. As it is difficult to armor large buses, we are looking at procuring small 30-seater buses that can be better armor-plated.”


As of now the Indian forces’ use of MPVs is limited to troop movements in some parts of Jammu and Kashmir. They also use MPVs in places where anti-Naxal operations are taking place. These vehicles can accommodate around 6 personnel at a time.  

Small Buses Are Better Options, Says CRPF DG

According to the DG of CRPF, Bhatnagar, small buses are better for fabrication. He further added that small buses provide better resistance from the bullet as compared to the large standard buses accommodating 54-57 people.

Bhatnagar says that if a large bus is fabricated with bullet-proof sheets it affects the endurance and speed of the engine. It is because the weight of the bullet-proof sheets restricts its movement.  


The CRPF DG further added that they have decided to provide each battalion with bomb detection and disposal squad. This privilege will be only for the battalions deployed in the Kashmir. Also, those units that already have them will receive a hike in personnel and equipment for detecting and counter explosives as well as IEDs.

The Indian Army has already increased the number of personnel to be trained for detecting and disarming such bombes in the valley of Kashmir at the Pune-based IED education school.

How Will New Buses Make Difference?

These new Mine Protected Vehicles will save Armed force personnel from the firing attacks as well as protect them from explosives similar to the one used in the Pulwama attack. The Army officials have already started making changes in its procedures related to convoy movement and protection.


Under the new rule, the movement of civilian vehicles is restricted during the convoy movement. The halting points of the convoy are changed regularly. Also, from now on all the officers and jawans of the Central Armed Police Forces deployed in the Kashmir Valley will be allowed to use commercial flight.

They can take a commercial flight for joining their duty or taking a tour or even while proceeding on leave.   

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